Put Us On Your Team

Philanthropic Media Marketing creates a unique brand of messaging for nonprofits and philanthropic projects, skillfully mixing content within the worlds of traditional and social media. Our work is strategic, timely, and engaging. 

Our work eclipses the expected as we provide fine art photography, videography and creative writing that we innovatively and collaboratively use in your social media platforms, websites, blogs, publications, advertising and, yes, even kickstarter campaigns. Our goal is to help your message reach further than you ever dreamed possible.

We have championed hospice homes, cancer resource centers, school systems and ymca camps as well as start-up fundraising efforts like  www.alongswim.com.  Sometimes our work can be tender, as we chronicle the last days of a hospice patient.  Sometimes our work can be powerful, as we follow a fund raising marathon runner through the streets of Chicago while photographing, videotaping and updating social media in real time.

Whether tender or powerful, what we create is a passionate picture of your important work.

Put us on your team, we would love to help you succeed.

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